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(4.16.1983) Waco Police Interrogate Bishop

(4.19.1983) Probe In Triple Slaying Continuing In California

(6.2.1983) Bishop Sentenced In California Case

(6.23.1983) DA's Office To Delay Murder Indictment

(7.15.1983) Drakeford Plea Signals Probe Of Triple Slayings

(10.4.1983) New Evidence Found In Deaths

(11.16.1983) Lawyer To Ask Court To Lower Deeb's Bond

(11.18.1983) Deeb Wants Bond Reduced to $2,500

(11.18.1983) Indictments Near Teenagers Deaths

(12.6.1983) Murder Suspect Returned To Waco For Arraignment

(12.8.1983) Attorneys Appointed For Suspects

(12.13.1983) A Report From DA Vic Feazell

(12.14.1983) Father Of Deeb Denies Sons Guilt

(12.18.1983) Deebs Requests Truth Serum Test

(12.28.1983) Court Appoints Attoney To Represent Deeb

(12.29.1983) Melendez Case Attorneys Ask To Withdraw

(12.30.1983) Deebs Parents Satisfied With Attorney

1983 Sees Arrest In Triple Slaying Case






(2.1.1984) Murder Suspects Face Arraignment

(2.10.1984) Judge Denies Dismissal in Lake Slaying Trial

(3.27.1984) Triple Murder Pre-Trial Hearings Tedious

(3.28.1984) Pre-Trial Focus On Spence

(4.1.1984) The whole Truth

(4.3.1984) Dismissal Rejected in Slaying Case

(4.6.1984) David Spence To Be First Tried

(4.7.1984) Motions Filed In Lake Murder Case

(4.13.1984) Venue Change Asked For Spence

(4.26.1984) Judge Says Dental Specialist May Testify

(5.8.1984) Defense Pressures Change of Venue For Spence

(5.9.1984) Venue Hearing Focuses On Local Media Coverage

(5.12.1984) Last Minute Plea Bargin Halts Murder Trial

(5.13.1984) Spence, Feazell Testify At Change Of Venue Hearing

(5.15.1984) Spence Takes Stand

(5.22.1984) Selection Of Jurors To Begin For Triple Murder Court Case

(5.24.1984) First Juror Chosen For Spence Trial

(5.25.1984) Teacher Chosen As 2nd Juror

(5.31.1984) 7th Juror Chosen For Spence Trial

(5.31.1984) Judge Says Dental Specialists May Testify In Trial

(6.1.1984) No Jurors Selected For Spence

(6.2.1984) Secretary Is 8th Juror In Spence Trial

(6.5.1984) 9th Juror Chosen Picked

(6.5.1984) Melendez Enters Guilty Plea

(6.9.1984) 12th Juror Named For Triple Murder Trial

(6.9.1984) Johnson Sentences 2, Two Prison Terms

(6.12.1984) Spence Jury Picked Alternates To Go

(6.13.1984) Spence Remains 1 Juror From Trial

(6.14.1984) Alternate Sought For Spence Jury

(6.14.1984) Grand Jury Investigates Misconduct Charges

(6.15.1984) Confessed Slayer Given Life

(6.15.1984) Man Gets 2 Life Terms

(6.15.1984) One Defendant Pleads Guilty in Three Slayings

(6.15.1984) Suspect Pleads Guilty To Killing 3 Teens

(6.15.1984) Triple Slayer Sentenced

(6.19.1984) Man Accused of Wrong Murder For Hire

(6.19.1984) Prosecutors Say They Intend To Convict Spence Of Murder

(6.19.1984) Spence Trial Gets Underway

(6.20.1984) Expert Says Waco Victim Lingered

(6.20.1984) Father Testifies About His Murdered Son

(6.20.1984) Mother Talks At Waco Trial

(6.20.1984) Pathologist Testifies In Trial

(6.20.1984) Stab victim Didn't Die Immediately

(6.20.1984) Victim May Have Lived For An Hour

(6.21.1984) Defendant hinted At Killing

(6.21.1984) Ex Neighbor Spence Was Depressed

(6.21.1984) Neighbor Says Suspect Gave Hints Of Killings

(6.21.1984) Neighbor Testifies

(6.21.1984) Pathologists Say Stab Victim Might Have Lived For An Hour

(6.22.1984) Feazell Gives Victims A Boost

(6.22.1984) Mom Tells Jury ''I Cut Somebody'' Spency Says

(6.22.1984) Witness Tells Of Money Offer In Lake Killings

(6.23.1984) Cellmate Implicates Spence

(6.23.1984) Ex Convict Spence Confessed

(6.25.1984) Spence Trial Sees Dental Evidence

(6.26.1984) Prosecutors To Show Scientific Evidence

(6.26.1984) David Wayne Spence

(6.26.1984) Defendant Tells Of Killings

(6.26.1984) ''I Bit Her Nipple Off'' Spence Tells TDC Inmate

(6.26.1984) Inmates Testify Spence Killed Teenaged Girls

(6.26.1984) Jury Hears Of Spence Confession

(6.26.1984) Killings Admitted, Ex-Inmate Claims

(6.26.1984) Murder Trial Opens Robles Takes Stand

(6.26.1984) Spence Confessed To All Three Murders, Accordig To Jailmate

(6.26.1984) Testimony Resumes In Lake Waco Killings

(6.27.1984) Cast Of Defendan'ts Teeth Entered In Park Killings Trial

(6.27.1984) Dental Expert To Be Called

(6.27.1984) Drink Clouded Memory Of A Day

(6.28.1984) Attorneys Say Spence Victim Of Faulty Probe

(6.28.1984) Bite Marks Are Linked To Spence

(6.29.1984) Defense Claims Spence Wrong Man

(6.29.1984) Defense May Find It Tough To Refute

(6.29.1984) Jury Recessed Till Monday In Spence Trial

(6.29.1984) Murder Case Defense Disputes Evidence Found At Crime Scene

(6.29.1984) Spence Lawyers Base Case On Hair

(7.2.1984) Spence Defense Starts Attack

(7.3.1984) Bite Marks Prove Indecisive

(7.3.1984) Closing Arguments Due To Start

(7.3.1984) Spence Defense Rests Case

(7.3.1984) Trial Stirs Curiosity In Courtroom

(7.4.1984) Jury Finds David Spence Guilty

(7.5.1984) Jury Set To Sentence Teen's Killer

(7.6.1984) Life Or Death Testimony

(7.6.1984) Murder Defendant Said Dangerous

(7.6.1984) Psychiatrist To Describe Defendant

(7.6.1984) Woman Says Killer Raped Her

(7.6.1984) Woman Testifies In Punishment Phase Of Spence's Murder Trial

(7.7.1984) Judge Sentences Spence To Death By Injection

(7.7.1984) Waco Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Spence

(7.11.1984) DA To Ask For Probe Of Warrants

(7.13.1984) Death Sentence Ends Two Years Of Hate

(7.15.1984) Batting 1.000

(7.18.1984) Trial Picture Worst Of Taste

(8.7.1984) Spence's Attorney's Seek Retrial

(8.11.1984) Feazell's Work Commended

(8.14.1984) Witness Tells Jury He Saw Men Arguing

(9.6.1984) Melendez Wants Trial Transferred

(9.7.1984) Deeb Attorneys Denied Access

(9.8.1984) Spence's New Trial Request Refused

(9.9.1984) Waco Murder Defendants To Appear in Court

(9.12.1984) Spence's Attorney's Withdraw

(10.12.1984) Spence Taken To Death Row

(10.16.1984) Deeb Trial To Be heard In Cleburne

(10.30.1984) Grand Jury Reindicts Deeb

(12.24.1984) Spence Didn't Deserve Top Billing

(12.26.1984) Spence Where He Belongs

(12.27.1984) A Report From DA Vic Feazell





(1.11.1985) Judge Begins Looking At Deeb Trial Motions

(1.22.1985) Melendez Pleads Guilty

(2.15.1985) Deeb Paid To Marry

(2.19.1985) McLennan County Officials Testify DPS

(3.3.1985) Story Of Slayings Unfolds in 249th

(3.9.1985) Deebs Lawyers Try To Prove Financial Stability

(3.10.1985) Death Row Inmates Can Expect Long Time Before Execution

(3.14.1985) Deeb Found Guilty Of Capital Murder

(3.16.1985) Jury Asks Death Penalty For Deebs

(3.17.1985) Jury, Deeb To Die

(4.2.1985) Judge Grants Change Of Venue For Spence

(7.6.1985) Murder Defendant Said Dangerous

(7.7.1985) Jury Hands Spence The Death Penalty

(7.13.1985) Vic Was Hero

(7.15.1985) Jurors Debate Punishment In Lake Waco Murder Trial

(9.22.1985) 11 Jurors Picked For Spence Trial

(9.26.1985) Final Jurors Chosen For Spence's Trial

(9.29.1985) DA's Say Moreno Spence Needs

(10.1.1985) Show Questions DA, Victims Mother

(10.2.1985) Mistrial Asked In Spence Case

(10.7.1985) Spence Trial Begins Tuesday

(10.8.1985) Spence Jurors To Be Asked About Prejudice

(10.9.1985) Spence Trial Gets Late Start

(10.10.1985) Judge Disallows Testimony By 2

(10.11.1985) Witness Recounts Torture, Slayings

(10.12.1985) Expert Testifies On Teeth Marks

(10.15.1985) Gilbert Melendez Tells Of Murders

(10.16.1985) Spence Requests Mistrial

(10.17.1985) Witness_ Truck Was Working

(10.18.1985) Jury Finds Spence Guilty Of Murder

(10.18.1985) Spence Convicted Of Second Slaying

(10.18.1985) Spence Found Guilty Of Murder

(10.19.1985) Fate Of Convicted Killer Pondered

(10.19.1985) Ruling Won't Be immediate Officials Say

(10.19.1985) Spence Given Death Sentence For Murder

(10.21.1985) I'm Going To Go With Pride

(10.23.1985) DA Admits Writing notes In Court

(10.23.1985) DA Notes, Needle Gesture Prompts

(10.23.1985) Grounds For Appeal

(10.23.1985) Judge Notes No Basis For Spence Mistrial

(10.24.1985) Prosecutor Admist ''Psyching out'' Spence

(10.24.1985) Spence Trial Prosecutor Defends Antics

(11.15.1985) Spence Retrial Denied

(11.19.1985) Blood Test To Be Admitted As Evidence





(7.13.1992) Wounds That Time Can't Heal

(7.26.1992) Pain Echoes Ten Years After Grisly Deaths

(12.15.1992) Deeb Said Glad Over Murders





(1.13.1993) Deeb Verdict He's Not Guilty

(1.13.1993) Outcome Of Deeb Trial Sends Shocks

(1.15.1993) Deeb Acquittal Not Likely To Help Spence

(1.16.1993) County Bills Mount Following Deeb Trial

(3.22.1993) Movie On Waco Murders May Not Air

(3.23.1993) Sworn Is Based On Waco Murders





(1.14.1994) Deeb Files Suit Against Law Officers





(8.23.1997) Post-Mortem Bid Made To Clear Spence





(11.19.2000) Simons Longtime Cop Changing Gears


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